Fall Product

The Fall Product Program is a great learning experience for girls with an emphasis on teamwork to accomplish goals. The Fall Product Program is also a great way to earn start-up funds for troops.

The 2013 Fall Sale begins September 27th with the theme

There are two great ways for troops to participate:

1. QSP – A great opportunity for girls and troops with the magazines offered by QSP. Over 600 titles of magazines, books and CDs are available.

QSP gurantees 100% satisfaction with subscriptions they receive. Guarantee: Please allow 14 weeks for new magazine delivery. If magazines have not been received by this time, please call QSP customer service at 800-251-1542.

2. Ashdon Farms – Our partner for candy and nut orders with 12 delicious products available for customers.

Check out additional Fall Product Program Information for forms and activities.

Order Magazines Online now by clicking on link below.