Fall Product Program

Girl Scouts participate in a Fall Product program to earn start-up money for their troops. We offer magazines, nut/candy options and new photo keepsake products for girls to share with their family and friends. Find all the resources you will need for a successful fall program.

Fall Program Dates

Fall Product Program Thank You Cards

Fall Program Family Guide

Fall Program Service Unit Guide

Fall Program Troop Guide

Product Sales Program Permission Slip  

GSUSA Online Selling Guidelines 

Online Activities for Girls  


Online Training links below:

2014 GSHNC FALL PRODUCT PROGRAM- Introduction: http://youtu.be/BfWuieZKbn4


2014 GSHNC FALL PRODUCT PROGRAM- Products:  http://youtu.be/eVRSPcvTBfM

2014 GSHNC FALL PRODUCT PROGRAM- Nut-e and Wrap Up:  http://youtu.be/DOcbrjOpLHw

2014 GSHNC FALL PRODUCT PROGRAM- Quizhttp://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=NzY2NjQxNN9A