The Girl Scout motto is “Be Prepared.” Young girls and boys are equally interested in science. However, the gender gap begins to show in middle school. By adulthood, while women represent about 45% of the workforce, only 13% of all civil engineers, 7% of electrical engineers, and 3% of all aircraft pilots and engineers are female (Department for Professional Employees, 2006).

Yet, girls are natural scientists! They are inquisitive, thoughtful, and enjoy coming up with their own ideas and solutions. GSHNC embraces and develops these characteristics in girls through out STEM programs and collaborations. With the help of our 2013 STEM Champion, Time Warner Cable, we offer girls hands on experiences involving STEM concepts.  An example of one our signature STEM programs is:
GSI  - With the popularity of CSI everywhere, our girls now have the chance to become GSIs – Girl Scout Investigators - in our own Forensics lab. Located behind the GSHNC service center in Charlotte, girls learn to extract DNA, evaluate a crime scene, reconstruct bones found in the bone dig area and determine blood types. Led by real forensics detectives, girls learn from the best!