Good Intentions

The Beliefs of Teens and Tweens Today


Beliefs and values, and their influence on decision making, have commanded significant media and public attention in the new millennium. In particular, it has been argued that youth today are bombarded with media images of less than exemplary role models from professional athletes to politicians. But what life choices will youth make when confronted with real-life dilemmas? How different or similar are youth on ethics and moral judgment compared to youth 20 years ago?

Good Intentions: The Beliefs and Values of Teens and Tweens Today (2009), a national study conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) in partnership with Harris Interactive explores what youth today value and how they go about making decisions, based on research conducted with 3,263 3rd to 12th-graders from around the country.

This work builds on the Girl Scouts Survey on the Beliefs and Moral Values of America's Children (1989), a national study published in 1989 by Girl Scouts of the USA, and paints an encouraging picture about a generation of youth responsible to themselves and to others, and who value diversity, acceptance, and community involvement. It also highlights the important role that adults play in helping girls to actualize their good intentions.

Read the Executive Summary of the Research Report.

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