Common Questions

How do I get my daughter into a Girl Scout troop?
Fill out the Online Interest Card or call 704-731-6500. Our staff will work to connect you with a troop in your area. However, all troops are led by volunteers, and occasionally we do not have enough troops to meet the needs of girls in a certain area. Would you consider helping to lead a troop in your area?

How often do troops meet?
Depending on the age of the girls, most troops meet either every week or every other week for 1 – 1 ½ hours.

How much does it cost to be a Girl Scout?
Financial assistance is available for all aspects on Girl Scouting. We never want a family’s financial situation to prevent a girl from fully participating in Girl Scouts.

There is a $15 yearly registration fee which goes directly to Girl Scouts of the USA, plus most troops have dues of approximately $1 per meeting to help pay for supplies and badges. The Promise Provisions Girl Scout Store in Charlotte, NC, offers a Basics in Bag promotion, which includes a Girl Scout bag with the basic uniform pieces, pins and books a girl needs to get started for approximately $60. Once started, troops earn money through our council’s fall product sale and winter cookie sale, and then budget their activities accordingly. And again, financial assistance for registration, dues, basic uniform pieces, pins, books and program events is available through Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council.

Where do I buy Girl Scout uniforms, books, etc?
The Promise Provisions Girl Scout Store is the place to go to purchase everything you need for the ultimate Girl Scout experience! Everything from uniforms and clothing to gifts, books and novelty items... for girls and adults alike!

Shop online or come visit us in person to see all the latest merchandise! The store is located at 7007 Idlewild Road, Charlotte, NC 28212.  Call (704) 731-6608 or (800) 868-0528 ext. 16608 for more information.

How do I volunteer with Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council?
Complete the Online Interest Card or call 704-731-6500.  Check out the Get Involved section for more details on volunteer opportunities.  

How much time does it take to volunteer?
That’s up to you! We have many volunteer opportunities that range from once a year to once a week. Contact us so that we can discuss your particular interests, availability and location and match you up with an appropriate volunteer opportunity.

I’d like to help with a troop, but how will I know what to do?
Strong volunteer systems are in place to ensure success. GSHNC has adult learning classes, manuals, professional support staff and peer volunteer mentors to give new volunteers all the tools necessary to be successful. From online courses to the FYI program resource guide to local service unit volunteer teams to our annual adult retreat weekend, volunteers are provided with the resources to make a difference in the lives of girls.

How do I start a Girl Scout troop?
Check out our 10 easy steps to start a troop.  

I’m starting a troop – where will my troop meet?
If you’re already a member of a religious or community organization, start there. Many of those organizations allow troops to meet in their facilities. A local school may also be an option, although those are usually unavailable in the evenings. If finding a meeting place is a challenge, contact your membership specialist at the council office, or a member of your volunteer service unit team. They can help!

What classes/training sessions do troop leaders need to take?
  • Troop leaders need to complete Girl Scouting 101 and Leader 101 – more information on all can be found in the Training Opportunities resource section.
  • Girl Scouting 101 is online and takes about 45 minutes to complete.  The session includes information on the history of our movement, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, program resources, cookies and safety tips.  
  • Leader 101 takes about two hours and is an introduction to the Girl Scout leader's position that covers organizing and registering a troop, working with parents, troop finances and council policies. These sessions are offered in small groups by your Membership Specialist or by someone designated by the Service Unit Team.  A schedule is located in the FYI, or contact your Membership Specialist.
  • Once you have cleared the Criminal Background Check and completed Girl Scouting 101 and Leader 101, you can begin meeting with your troop!