Support Girl Scouts

Girlhood is a journey; Girl Scouts provides a compass. Girls need our leadership development program more than ever as they chart the course and direction of their lives. An investment in today’s girls is an investment in our community of tomorrow.

“Because of Girl Scouts, I am interested in engineering – I want to create things that help simplify life, so people will have more time with their family. Being a part of the summer camp helped me learn how to work better as a team player, and I wish every teenage girl has a chance to experience Girl Scout summer camp.” – Sydney, 8th grade Girl Scout

Over 6,000 financial assistance requests were honored this past year – requests for membership fees, program fees, uniform components and camp scholarships. Many of these requests are for amounts less than $25, yet the impact is immeasurable. Girls like Sydney can find their way thanks to your investment in their future.

We depend on our community friends like you! It costs more than $300 per year, per Girl Scout to provide enriching programs and activities and to maintain facilities. The $15 registration fee each Girl Scout pays, goes directly to the national organization. Council product sales and program fees cover a little more than half the cost of providing local programs; the remainder of our program funding comes from public support.

Help girls find their way in a challenging world. You can:
  • Provide financial support
  • Volunteer and make a difference in the life of a girl
  • Any contribution of time, treasure or talent

“Growing up I have always struggled with major anxiety disorders. Girl Scouts helped boost my self confidence in social situations when I am around my friends. I was more confident to start high school because of Girl Scouts.” – Laura, 10th grade Girl Scout

Your belief in a girl can ensure that her life’s compass points True North.