Have you ever wondered what the 3 C’s of Girl Scouting are?  Some might think it’s cookies, camping and crafts. Those who work to shape the future of our community’s girls know that it’s all about courage, confidence and character.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Girl Scouting.

Did you know that any adult, male or female, can be a Girl Scout volunteer? There are many ways to participate and make a difference in the lives of young women ages 5-17.

Why Volunteer?
  • To give back to the community by being a positive influence in girls’ lives
  • To benefit from multiple training opportunities and on-going skill development
  • To gain professional experience, enhance resumes and expand reference contacts
  • To grow personally from pushing inner limits and having new experiences
  • To meet interesting people and develop life-long friends with common values

Volunteer Opportunities

We realize that today’s busy adult may not be able to make long-term volunteer commitments. That is why we offer flexible options to anyone interested in working with girls.
  • Troop Leader or Assistant Troop Leader
  • Service Unit Team Member
  • Administrative Volunteer
  • Trainer or Workshop Coordinator
  • Girl or Adult Mentor
  • Event Coordinator or Committee Member
  • Program Consultant
  • Guest Speaker
  • Chaperone

Whether it’s once a week, once a month or once a year, your efforts make a huge difference!

Volunteer Training

Girl Scouts is one of the largest adult training organizations in the country. We work to ensure you have all the resources needed to provide great experiences for girls. Learn about which training opportunities are right for you.