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Treats & Reads (Fall Sale)

Help save the Northern White Rhino with the 2019 Treats & Reads Fall Sale!

Treats & Reads, formerly Fall Product Program, is a money-earning opportunity that enables troops to earn funds at the beginning of the year. Held in the fall, Treats & Reads is a great way to combine educational activities with financial literacy lessons. Don’t miss out on a chance to kick start your Girl Scout year while providing family and friends with their favorite treats and reads.

Girl Scout troops can sell magazine subscriptions and nuts/candies while each troop earns 15% in proceeds for every item sold. In addition, girls can earn cool patches and rewards, including two personalized patches.  

This year's program is all about believing in yourself, being the difference, and protecting the endangered Northern White Rhino. Our 2019 mascots, Najin and Fatu, are the last two Northern White Rhinoceros in the world. This mother/daughter duo are under 24/7 safekeeping at the Ol PeJeta Conservancy in Kenya, Africa. Sadly, the last male, Sudan,died of natural causes in 2018 but all hope is not lost. Scientists are trying to save the species through the miracle of science.

During this year’s Treats & Reads program, girls will have the opportunity to help save the Northern White Rhino from complete extinction. Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council will donate $1 towards saving the species for every girl that sells 25 nut/candy items as a part of her rewards along with a rhino necklace. Girls selling 20 magazines and/or 80 nut/candy items will have the option to have $10 donated to the cause verses a physical reward.