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Treats Reads Internal Page Hero 2020

Girl Scouts/Parents

We are excited to have you involved in our Treats & Read program (formerly Fall Product Program). Working together, girls will learn essential skills including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Log into M2 and get started Wednesday, September 18!

Before the Sale

Girls can prepare for the best possible experience by gathering a few tools for a successful sale. These tools include our Parent Permission Form (online or print) , Family Guide, and our Sale Safety Tips

2020 Treats & Reads Dates

August 24 Troop Training Available
September 18 Sale Begins
October 18 Parent Paper Order Entry Ends
Nut Girl Delivery Order Ends
October 21 Magazine/Nut Direct Ship Ends
October 23 All Money Due in Troop Account
November 6 & 7 Product Delivery to Service Units

Girls should also set individual goals and work with their troops to set group goals. Use our pygmy sloth goal chart to help you set your goals! By achieving every goal they have in mind, they'll earn awesome rewards. 

2020 Rewards Line Up
During the Sale

Learn about Treats & Reads by exploring our online portal where you can create an avatar and send 15 emails to families and friends to shop your online store.

Cross Over Patches

You can earn the personalized Fall Sale patch (pictured on left top), by creating your avatar, sending 15 emails, and selling 4+ magazines and 20+ nuts/candies.

Renew early, complete the above three steps and sell 200 packages of cookies during the 2021 season to earn the exclusive personalized crossover patch (pictured left bottom).

Nothing beats connecting with those in your life, so take your nut order card to visit with family and friends. Do you have family and friends who live far away? No worries! Get your online ID and ensure that loved ones can support their favorite Girl Scout while getting their fall goodies.

Celebrate Success

All of your hard work has paid off and now it’s time to celebrate! Decide with your troop and plan what to  do with your troop earnings! 

Also, make sure you send Thank You Cards to those who bought from you! Showing your appreciation for your customers can help create a long term relationship!