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Treats Reads Internal Page Hero 2020


Thank you!

With your help, girls in your Service Unit or Troop will have the opportunity to participate in quality, council-sponsored programs, develop life skills and raise funds to participate in leadership activities. Below you will find helpful information to support your troop during the Treats & Reads program.  

Treats & Read Training

Leaders and Volunteers: All troops must complete our online training. Upon completion of training and quiz, a notification will automatically be sent to the designated Service Unit Treats & Reads Managers in order for troops to receive their Treats & Reads materials.

M2 Admin Set-Up: You will receive an access link for the M2 online site from an administrative role where you can create an online Avatar and monitor your troops’ sales activities and successes. All troop leaders will be imported into the M2 System by council and will receive an emailed registration link. Girls will be able to log in to the system on Wednesday, September 18th. 

Service Unit Contacts
Anson Cynthia Hassell (704) 294-8008
Cabarrus 2 Amber Hyatt-Lisk (704) 808-0303
Meck 1 Jennifer Geist (610) 751-1378
Meck 4 Shelby Carpenter (757) 816-1834
Meck 7 Shelley Metzgar (702) 376-5138
Meck 8 Kathy Bernash  
Meck 12 Mary Braun (704) 287-6122
Meck 13 Dani Hall (704) 731-6500
Meck 19 Pettus Lilliott (704) 258-1174
Montgomery Melody Thompson (704) 550-9319
Pacesetters Amanda Rowell (704) 488-9808
Rowan Ashley Lapuz (704) 7658582
Stanly Contina Salyer (423) 534-1651
Trailblazers Leigh Henderson (704) 794-2433
Union 1 Chris Boyer (704) 995-3477
Union 2 Patty Kiernan (631) 504-1162
Union 3 Kristen Motteler (704) 243-5364
York 1 Hope Rainey (803) 524-4184
York 2 Christine Stikeleather (803) 412-9194
Community GS Morgan Pennetti (407) 697-2501
Program Dates

2020 Treats & Reads Dates

August 24 Troop Training Available
September 18 Sale Begins
October 18 Parent Paper Order Entry Ends
Nut Girl Delivery Order Ends
October 21 Magazine/Nut Direct Ship Ends
October 23 All Money Due in Troop Account
November 6 & 7 Product Delivery to Service Units


Program Guides
Other Resources