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For Cookie Volunteers

Thank you for supporting your troop’s cookie program participation. Because of you, girls will gain valuable skills to help them succeed. As a cookie volunteer, you are an integral part of Girl Scouting’s largest financial literacy initiative for girls ages 5-17, teaching them five skills to carry them through life. You also play a big role in making our cookie program successful. We thank you for your dedication to the girls and our mission.

Top 5 reasons to participate in the Cookie Program

1. Life Skills: The largest girl-led business in the world helps girls and adults develop leadership skills including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

2. It’s EASY: As a Troop Cookie Manager, you can access VIP eTraining and resources to track and manage girls’ businesses.

3. Financial Benefits: Your troop will earn money to offset the cost of activities, supplies and more. In the process, girls gain skills to be financially independent.

4. Girls earn fabulous rewards: Rewards help girls set goals to reach high levels of achievement. Cookie Dough helps pay for Girl Scout Summer Camp, troop trips, programs, Girl Scout membership registration and more.

5. Your girls will THANK YOU: Many successful business women got their start selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Check out our Before the Sale, During the Sale and End of the Sale pages for tips and resources once the sale begins!


In the meantime, plan ahead with our 2021-22 Cookie Calendar!



October 23

Cookie Service Unit Training

November 1

Troop Cookie Training Available in gsLearn

December 15

Digital Cookie Opens,
Order Taking Starts

January 8

Cookie Rally

January 15

Troops Begin Registernig for Booths

January 19

My Sales Troop Booth Requests Begin,
Girl Initial Order & Troop Starting Orders Due

February 5 or 6

Starting Order Cookie pick-up by troops

February 10

Cupboards Open

February 11

Council & Service Unit Booth Sales Begin

February 18-20

National Cookie Weekend,
Shipped Troop Link Launch

February 22

First ACH Draft Money Due

March 6-12

Girl Scout Week

March 13

Girl Scout Sunday,
Digital Cookie Ends,
All Cupboards Close

March 15

All money due for final ACH draw must be deposited in troop account; troop rewards due

April 15

Unpaid Funds Report Deadline

April - May

Rewards Ship to Service Unit Managers