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It's cookie time! Now let's put all of your prepping to use. Follow these steps for a successful cookie season! 

Cookie Tech Portal

Introducing Cookie Tech Portal, a single sign on platform for all Little Brownie Baker’s volunteer online systems.

  • To access Little Brownie online systems, like eBudde, please follow the steps listed below to create a password for the Cookie Tech Portal.
  • The link you were emailed is unique to you and expires in 7 days.  If you missed the 7 day window, use the “Forgot Email” link on the Cookie Tech Portal login page. 
  • Attached are step by step instructions on setting up your password for the Cookie Tech Portal.

Use the Cookie Tech Portal to access:

  • eBudde - Track all cookie inventory, sales, payments and reports, reserve cookie booths, manage pick-ups, place girl rewards orders and more.
  • eBudde App - Place orders, watch training videos and find eBudde help all on your mobile device. Learn more and download the app at
  • Digital Cookie - Digital Cookie allows girls to create customized websites and send emails to people they know, asking them to buy cookies. Customers place online orders and can elect to have them shipped directly.
  • - Check out the baker’s website for exciting girl activities, booth ideas, recipes and the latest cookie news.
  • Girl Scouts Built By Me Cookie Planner - Plan a cookie season just right for you and the girls. With a few clicks, you can create your custom plan with this online tool, complete with fun learning activities.
Digital Cookie
Initial Order

Initial order is the first phase of the cookie program when girls submit pre-orders from the cookie order card and Digital Cookie.

  1. Cookie Order Cards must be submitted to the Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) by January 19. Please ensure the math is correct. 
  2. Log into eBudde to input cookie preorders. 
  3. Enters girls' orders in the "Initial Order" tab 
  4. All Digial Cookie girl delivery orders placed before January 15 will automatically be added to the Girls' Initial Order in eBudde. 
  5. Submit initial order rewards in the "Rewards" tab
    • If opting out of rewards, select the "Setting" tab.
      • All parents & girls must agree.
      • Only Cadette, Senior and Ambassador girls can opt out of rewards.
      • Earn an additional $.05 per package.
  6. Select delivery time and location in "Delivery" tab.

Calculating Your Initial Order for Reward

Any troop that submits a starting cookie order that is equal to 80% of 250 packages per registered girl in their troop will receive a Samoas Adventure Please rain poncho per registered girl and 2 hoodie sweatshirts for adults. Rewards will be distributed to the troop during the starting order cookie pick-up. See below chart for this calculation for various troop sizes.

Number of Registered Girls Initial Order Volume (in packages)
5 1,000 packages
6 1,200 packages
7 1,400 packages
8 1,600 packages
9 1,800 packages
10 2,000 packages
11 2,200 packages
12 2,400 packages
13 2,600 packages
14 2,800 packages
15 3,000 packages
16 3,200 packages
17 3,400 packages
18 3,600 packages
19 3,800 packages
20 4,000 packages
21 4,200 packages
22 4,400 packages
23 4,600 packages
24 4,800 packages
25 5,000 packages
Cookie Pick-Up

Cookie Pick-Up is when all troops from all Service Units, except Anson and Montgomery, will pick up their initial order cookies on February 5.

Saturday, February 5

  • Hilldrup Moving, 1325 Carrier Dr., Charlotte, NC 28216 off of I-85 from 9am to 3:30pm
  • Rowan, Stanly and Cabarrus County, Rowan Rescue Squad, 1140 Julian Rd., Salisbury, NC 28146 from 12pm to 3pm
  • Union County, Apprentice Academy, 2505 Weddington Rd., Monroe, NC from 10am to 1pm; Union County Troops Only

Selection available in eBudde.

Remember: You choose the day, time and location via eBudde. Get your cookies earlier or at a more convenient time. 

Cookies by the Carload

Car Type Cases
Compact 23
Hatchback 30
Mid-Size Sedan  35
SUV 60
Station Wagon 75
Mini Van (Seats In)  75
Pick Up Truck 100
Cargo Van (Seats In)  200

Please refer to your delivery confirmation to determine the number and/or size of vehicles needed. The amounts are figured with the vehicle empty, using all space except the driver’s seat. We recommend the use of heavy cardboard or plywood as a divider between the driver and the cookies when cases are stacked higher than the back of the driver’s seat. 

Cookie Booth

Cookie Booth Sign-Up & Management
There are 2 ways your troop can have a booth. 

  1. Sign up to have a booth at one of our Council or Service Unit sponsored locations.
  2. Use your contacts to set up your own booth and list in eBudde’s “Booth Scheduler.”

eBudde Booth Scheduler opens Saturday, January 15 at 9 am. Be sure to promptly request your booth(s) once the system is open.

Mall Booths

Concord Mills

SouthPark Mall

Regional Mall Etiquette and Guidelines Agreement

Guidelines and Resources

Updated Booth Guidelines

Virtual Cookie Booth Guide

Drive Thru and Curbside Booths Guide


No Contact Deliveries Guide

Cookie Booth Inventory Sheet

Cookies for a Cause
Cookies for a Cause is Girl Scouts, Hornets' Nest council's donation program committed to giving back to our community by supporting our military, hometown heroes and local cause champions. Don't forget to encourage customers to donate $5 to support this program. Use the Cookies for a Cause one sheet to describe the program and the poster at your booth to promote. 

Cookie Cupboards

Download our Cookie Cupboard Locations here.

eBudde Tech Cupboard Pickups info here.

Contactless Cupboard Transaction Process here.

Additional cookies are available for pick up at any Cookie Cupboard.

  • All cupboards will be limiting the number of troops they serve at one time and will have special social distancing protocols in place for their cupboard pick-ups. 
  • Everyone coming to a cookie cupboard MUST wear a mask.
  • All cupboards including the Cookie Cabana at the Council office will be by appointment only. 
  • At all cupboards you must use the eBudde system or eBudde App to place your cupboard pre-order and appointment day and time on the “Transaction” tab. 
  • It is important to arrive at the cupboard at your scheduled appointment day and time to ensure the safety of our volunteers and staff. 
  • All cupboard transactions will be accepted through the eBudde app, so ensure whoever is picking up the cookies has access to the eBudde app while picking up the cookies.    
    • Please remember you can set-up Cookie Pick-Up Only access to eBudde for this purpose.
  • When you arrive at the cupboard at your appointed day and time, they cupboard will release your pending order in eBudde.  Once the cookie count has been verified, the person picking up the cookies will confirm the pick-up through the eBudde app on their own device. This confirmation will be your electronic signature, so no physical paperwork will be needed.
  • Most of our cupboards are run by volunteers. Thank them for their time and for making Girl Scout cookies accessible for your troop.
  • For outlying cupboards, please contact the cupboard manager in advance to place your troop order and confirm that your order is available.
  • Damaged packages/cases will be replaced with like variety only.
  • Cookies may not be returned or exchanged. 
  • Cookie cupboards will be open from February 10 through March 13. Please check eBudde for cupboards specific hours of operations. End date for county cupboards subject to change.
  • Girl Scout S’mores and Toffee-Tastics are specialty cookies and are available in limited quantities. All starting orders are guaranteed and we plan to have a small amount of inventory in the cupboards (while supplies last).


First Cookie Payment
GSHNC does an initial ACH draft to troop bank accounts during the cookie season for troops to pay their cookie balance.  Troops retain their profits and pay only the “Amount You Owe Council” from the “Sales Report” tab on eBudde.
New troops should have submitted an ACH form to GSHNC when they opened up their troop bank account. If your troop has changed banks, bank accounts and/or troop leadership since the 2021 Cookie season, please submit a new ACH form by January 19 to:
Accounting, GSHNC
7007 Idlewild Road
Charlotte, NC 28212
Cookie Distribution

Cookie Distribution - Always Use a Receipt

Remember: Receipt books are used for both distributing Girl Scout cookies and collecting money! 

  • As soon as you pick up initial order cookies, please promptly distribute cookies to the girls.
  • Protect yourself! Fill out a money/cookie receipt for every box of cookies/money received. 
    • Receipt every box of cookies! Include varieties, how many of each, to whom, troop number, date, signature of adult accepting and signature of person giving cookies. 
    • Both parties should count the cookies together and sign the receipt. 
  • When receiving money, count all money before parent leaves premises. You sign in the “Received By” area. Have the parent sign in the “Received From” area. 
    • Give parent the yellow copy of the receipt. You retain the white copy of the receipt for your records. 
  • Keep copies of all receipts. 
  • Keep track of Girl Scout cookie inventory and money in eBudde.
  • Parents are responsible for all Girl Scout cookies and money they receive.
  • Parent must sign receipts, not the girl.