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Charlotte's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thu Nov 28, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST
Uptown Charlotte
Special Events
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Don’t miss your opportunity to lead in Charlotte’s largest parade!

We’ve been invited back to be featured in Charlotte’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as banner ambassadors and marchers. With 400 Girl Scouts making a significant impact throughout the parade, we’re currently looking for 300 older Girl Scouts, Juniors and above, to serve as elite banner ambassadors. These girls will be paired up to carry in banners for marchers. Girls will be paired, according to height, as they march through uptown representing the premiere leadership organization for girls. Please note: Banner carriers will be required to wear their Girl Scout sash or vest.

There's also an opportunity for leaders and volunteers to participate alongside the girls. Please only register as an adult for this event if you are interested in marching or serving as a marshal. If not, you only need to include your Girl Scout's information. Please note: as a marshal, you will march on the outskirts of the parade, not alongside the girls. The Girl Scouts will be the only ones carrying the banners along the parade route. 

We’ll also have an opportunity for 100 Daisies and Brownies to march alongside the PNG Bakery Float—what a great fit for our Cookie Bosses! Participants and ‘marshals’ will be invited to a training, prior to the parade.