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Firebuilding and Outdoor Cooking (FBOC) with optional Overnight Camp Experience (OCE)

Sat Sep 14, 10:00 AM - Sun Sep 15, 12:00 PM EST
Dale Earnhardt Environmental Leadership Campus at Oak Springs Map
Volunteers, Camp & Outdoor Adventure
Adult Fee:

These two classes are offered together in the same weekend: Level II is Fire Building and Outdoor Cooking (FBOC). Adults must complete this course before their troop does any kind of fire building or outdoor cooking. This training will include use of camp stoves, knife safety, building fires, knots and sanitation. This training is from 9am to 6pm, with no overnight portion unless you add Level III.

Level III is Overnight Camp Experience (OCE). Adults must complete this course before your troop does does camping outside in tents. This training is from 6pm to noon the next morning, and involves sleeping out in a tent. This means that those completing Level III will stay overnight, so please plan accordingly.