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Coding for Good with STEM for Scouts

Sun Jun 21, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Online Program
6, 7, 8
Girl Fee:

STEM for Scouts' “Earn your Badge from Home” program utilizes online tools such as Google Classroom, to provide a simple step-by-step process your scouts can complete to earn their Coding for Good Badges, all on their own! We work with troop leaders, one-on-one, to schedule a convenient time for scouts to log in as a group or individually.
Our pre-recorded online sessions are structured around badge curriculum and
- A fun coding project tutorial on Scratch (an online block-based programming
website for kids)
- Discussion about computer science principles
- Breaks to watch attached videos to learn about amazing female leaders in the
tech space

Videos are carefully designed to be extremely similar to an in-person experience and students can learn at their own pace. A teacher will be available for immediate online assistance for pre-booked programs. We strongly encourage you to watch a brief video explanation of our program and see just how easy the whole process is!
Please visit this link:

If you are interested in setting up your troop with our program, contact us at:

Materials Needed:
Computer with internet access