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Healthy Snacking

Sat Nov 07, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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Healthy Living & Sports
Girl Fee:
GSHNC Girl - $25 | Girl Scout from another Council - $30

Are you snacking the right way and choosing food that’s good for you? Snacks can be fun to make, easy to prepare and healthy for you too! During the November 7th event event, girls will make two types of snacks, sweet and slurpable! They’ll make delicious seasonal muffins from scratch, an amazing frosting and will learn decorating skills too! It’s a healthy twist on a sweet snack! Girls will also make a slurpable fall drink as well! It’s an all out snack attack your girls will love participating in at Bakers Buzzin’! When you complete all the requirements of the snack badge, you will be able to make delicious snacks for your family and friends!

Please note: this is an in-person program! In the confirmation email, girls and adults will be sent a list of safety protocols that must be followed in order to participate in this program.

Financial Aid is available for any current GSHNC members who would not otherwise be able to attend an event due to financial hardship. Simply select the 'GSHNC Girl Scout requesting Financial Aid' option on the registration screen if you wish to apply. If you are not able to pay the reduced price for an event, please contact Customer Care at or 704-731-6500.