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Troop leaders are the core of the Girl Scouting experience. Are you ready to be the role model girls in your community need?

Thank you for helping to build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. We think you make the world a pretty good place too.

Below is a list of tools to assist you in troop management and personal development.

Start a Troop

1. Show Girls They Belong to a Sisterhood:
Girls love having an impact on something big in the world—and Girl Scouting is huge! To share the excitement of the network they’ve joined, show girls the Girl Scout World map, Girl Scout Council maps and the list of USA Girl Scouts Overseas.

2. Guide Girls to Develop as Leaders:
Girl Scouting shows every girl how to be a leader as they experience three keys to leadership: Discovering Themselves, Connecting with Others, and Taking Action in the World.

3. Empower Girls to Take Action in Their Communities:
Show girls they can make a difference as you guide them on Take Action and community service projects. 

4. Support Girls to Build Skills through Proficiency Badges:
Girls are proud to say, “See what I can do now!” when they learn something new. Girl Scout badges focus on building new skills.

5. Expand Girls’ View of the World:
As girls explore new ideas, go to new places and meet new people, their understanding of the world—and of what is possible for them—grows.

6. Use a Girl-Friendly Approach:
Girls have fun when they shape their experiences, complete hands-on activities and work together.

7. Encourage Girls to Earn and Learn through the Cookie Program:
When girls take part in the largest girl-led business in the world, they gain 5 Skills to help them in business and in life—Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics.

8. Inspire Girls to Continue Growing through Girl Scouts:
Girls are more likely to stay involved in Girl Scouts when they know about the incredible opportunities ahead. Make sure to show them what they will gain from the fun, transformational experiences of Girl Scouts.

Required Trainings

Girl Scouting 101: A basic, online volunteer orientation that familiarizes new volunteers with the Girl Scout program including the mission, the Promise and Law, and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Complete your training today. 

Volunteer Essentials: A training covering everything needed as a Girl Scout volunteer, including basic facts and forms, tips on planning activities, hints to manage troop finances, cookie facts and more. Complete your online training to kick start your Girl Scout journey.

Additional Tools