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Why Volunteer

Help her dream big.

Change-makers. Trailblazers. Explorers. We’re talking about Girl Scouts, of course, but we’re also talking about the people who become Girl Scout volunteers.

Just like the Girl Scouts they guide, volunteers lead with their hearts and bring a playful sense of curiosity to everything they do. Whatever their unique skills or interests, volunteers help Girl Scouts unlock their limitless potential and make a lasting difference in the world.

There’s no one “type” of volunteer. If you believe that Girl Scouts can change the world, you belong here. 



Interested in learning more? Check out the different ways to volunteer, see what girls do at Girl Scouts, or find out how to sign up the girl in your life.

Volunteer FAQs

Do I have to be the parent or caregiver of a Girl Scout to volunteer?

Absolutely not! While many of our parents and caregivers do serve as volunteers because it's a wonderful way to bond and make memories with their family, our volunteer base is made up of a dynamic and diverse group of individuals - each with unique strengths and talents, but all with a passion for championing girl ambition and helping to make the world a better place.

Whether you’re a recent college grad, a parent, or a retiree—really, people of any gender with a sense of curiosity and adventure who are 18 or older and have passed our Council's screening process—your unique skills and experiences and your mentorship can open your Girl Scouts’ eyes to a world of possibility.


What are the benefits of volunteering with Girl Scouts?

It's not just girls who benefit from Girl Scouts—volunteers do too! Research shows:

  • 94% of Girl Scout volunteers have made new friends, 
  • 88% believe their life is better because they volunteer with Girl Scouts,
  • 66% believe their volunteer experience has helped them professionally, and  
  • 95% of Girl Scout volunteers are happy knowing they are making a positive difference in girls' lives!
What volunteer opportunities are available?

Volunteers help out in all kinds of ways, both large and small.  From leading a troop to helping out at cookie sales to going on field trips, volunteers have many opportunities to join in the fun of Girl Scouting—and make a real, positive impact on girls.

Check out specific roles and volunteer opportunities available at Girl Scouts, Hornets' Nest Council.

Can I start a troop in my neighborhood or at my girl's school?

Absolutely, and know that you'll be supported every step of the way with training, support, and resources to help you throughout your troop leader experience.

To start a troop, you’ll need two adults to volunteer—yourself and one other— to serve as troop co-leaders. A troop should consist of at least two approved, unrelated volunteers, and five girls. If needed, our Council can help you connect with another volunteer or place girls into your troop.

Once you join Girl Scouts, pass the background check, and get trained, you’ll be ready for your first adventure! 

To get started, complete our Volunteer Interest Form and select "I want to start a troop" in the volunteer role section. If you already know where you want your troop to meet and have at least five girls interested, let us know!

Is there a way to volunteer occasionally?

Of course! Occasional volunteers are always needed for special events and Girl Scout Cookie activities, as well as for Council support. 

Are there any requirements to volunteer?

Safety is our top priority. To ensure the safety and well-being of our girl members, all volunteers are required to complete a background check prior to becoming involved. Background checks are paid for by our Council and all information you provide will be strictly confidential.

All volunteers will undergo basic training, with certain roles requiring additional training. Additionally, an annual adult membership to Girl Scouts is also required for all volunteer roles ($25). 

Whom should I contact if I have questions about volunteering?

To learn more about specific volunteer opportunities that could be a good fit for you, complete our Volunteer Interest Form. One of our team members will be in touch to discuss available opportunities and help you with registration.