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Conversations of Consequence

After Charlotte protests shook our city in October of 2016, Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council (GSHNC) started asking questions: “What can we do to help our city?” “How do we help our girls safely navigate an uncertain terrain?” We know now that we are in an unprecedented era of negativity and divisiveness and supporting girls through rough waters is priority #1.

We’ve realized that our obligation is not to a specific agenda, but to our girls and to the Girl Scout Promise and the Law. ALL girls are our girls and we have the responsibility to support and uplift their courage, confidence and character. It begins with a conversation – pushing beyond boundaries in a safe and nurturing environment. So, we launched a series, Conversations of Consequence, and we hope you will be a part of shaping these conversations to make the world a better place.

Please stay tuned for updates on future conversations, opportunities to Take Action in our community and a patch program for participating!

Upcoming Conversations

Conversation of Consequence with Rosy Crumpton - November 15
Program for Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors

Rosy Crumpton is passionate about inclusion, culture, and diversity. She is a writer, community advocate, and the author of All I Left Unsaid: A Latina’s Journey Toward Truth. Originally from Panama, Rosy celebrates her Latina roots through her writing, customs, and traditions. Although she has lived in the U.S. for twenty-eight years, as an immigrant she recalls many moments when she has felt foreign from the “norm.” Rosy enjoys writing and sharing stories on culture, family adventures, married life experiences, and always striving to reach goals. She firmly believes being a sister to eleven siblings and her genuine interest in learning people’s stories have helped her to be understanding and compassionate about the diverse world we live in. Since 2005 she has worked for Developmental Disabilities Resources, an agency that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, she is an Integrative Health Coach that supports people to live their optimal happy and healthy lives. She mentors young Latina girls through Charlotte based non-profit organization, Circle de Luz. She supports causes that are loving and empowering, especially for women. Rosy will facilitate an interactive conversation about:
-Feeling Foreign
-· How getting out of our comfort zone leads to growth
-· The power of using our words to advocate for what we believe in and how taking action in our communities can be impactful.

Past Conversations

State of Girls: A Conversation of Consequence
We engaged the Charlotte Metro Area in an open dialogue on ‘The State of Girls’ in our community. This discussion was a community extension of the 'Conversation Of Consequence' speaker series, followed by a reception to continue the conversations initiated.

Our amazing panel!
• Braxton Winston: Charlotte City Council At-Large
• Kelly Finley: UNC Charlotte Lecturer & Girls Rock Founder
• Dimple AjmeraL Charlotte City Council At-Large
• Hannah Hasan - Charlotte Activist & Artist

A Conversation with Major Mike Campagna
Mike Campagna has served as a police officer since 1992, and is currently a Major with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD). Major Campagna was born and raised in Charlotte, where he received his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte before joining the CMPD. During his career, Mike has had a variety of assignments including command level positions in Patrol, Training, Criminal Investigations, Vice/Gang, and Communications/911.

While serving as part of the Command Staff at CMPD, Major Campagna received his Master's of Education degree in Training and Development from North Carolina State University. Mike has received a number of accolades over the last 25 years including awards for Excellence in Policing and Community Relations. He was also recognized as a Charlottean of the Year by Charlotte Magazine for his outstanding service to the community and the police departments during the protests that occurred in the wake of the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.  Read more about his on-going work in the community.

Major Campagna will facilitate an interactive conversation about:

  • The danger of sterotypes portrayed in the community and on social media
  • Misinformation and misunderstanding about what police officers do or how things work -- how difficult it is to be a police officer and what happens when your life is on the line
  • CMPD's Constructive Conversation Team , whose mission is to listen first, build a connection with people and to answer questions during escalated situations

A Conversation with Kathleen Burkinshaw
Kathleen Burkinshaw, author of The Last Cherry Blossom, resides in Charlotte, NC. She’s a wife, mom to a daughter in college, and Girl Scout alumna! Based loosely on her mother's first-hand experience surviving the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, The Last Cherry Blossom offers young readers insight into how children lived during the war, while also introducing them to Japanese culture.

She has carried her mother’s story her whole life and feels privileged to now share it with the world.

Kathleen will facilitate an interactive conversation about:

  • The immense destruction that nuclear weapons cause and why they should never be used again
  • Often times, the people we think are our "enemy" are not always so different from ourselves
  • Guided, hands-on folding of oragami cranes that will be sent to the Hiroshima Peace Museum

A Conversation with Kayla Babson
Kayla Babson graduated from Queens University of Charlotte in 2010 with a degree in Psychology. Upon graduation, she moved to California where she spent 5 years working directly with teens and young women in residential care for a variety issues. Her experience equips her to address the needs in prevention as well as cultivate true healing with direct services as the Program Director for Present Age Ministries.

Present Age Ministries is committed to combating the sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of teen girls. They equip communities to identify at-risk teen girls through prevention and awareness education and to support survivors through holistic, individualized care. Through her work with Present Age Ministires and beyond, Kayla is driven to see girls be the young women who make decisions that change the world we currently live in.

Kayla will facilitate an interactive conversation about:

  • How to apply risk reduction behavior to protect yourself and others
  • Understanding the importance of personal responsibility/boundaries
  • Learning to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships

Did you know?

  • There are more than 100,000 – 300,000 teenage victims of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking EACH YEAR.
  • NC is one of the top 10 states in the United States for trafficking.
  • Charlotte is the #1 city in North Carolina.
  • 13 years is the average age of a victim.
  • 7 years is the average life expectancy upon entry into trafficking.
  • Only 2% of victims are currently rescued.

There are less than 600 beds available for females who have suffered this horrific abuse in entire US.

A Conversation with Laura Clark
Laura Clark re-joined United Way of Central Carolinas in December 2016, after starting her career there in 2004. In her current role as Chief Impact Officer she develops and implements the organization’s impact and investment strategies to achieve community level results. Prior to this role, she served as the founding Chief Executive Officer of Renaissance West Community Initiative where she led a comprehensive effort to revitalize a neighborhood in west Charlotte. The $90M effort included a simultaneous focus on mixed-income housing, cradle-to-career education options, and supportive services.

In 2013, Laura was named one of Charlotte’s 50 Most Influential Women by The Mecklenburg Times. In 2015, she received the 40 Under 40 award from the Charlotte Business Journal. She has been engaged with a variety of other civic committees and non-profit boards, including the YMCA Community Development Committee and the Charlotte Family Housing Board of Directors. She has previously served as an adjunct faculty member at Queens University, where she taught courses in the Human & Community Services Department. A native of Charlotte, she is married and has two rescue dogs.

Laura facilitated an interactive conversation about:

  • What lead to Charlotte's ranking as 50th out of 50 big cities for economic mobility in a 2014 Harvard-Cal Berkeley study (if you are born poor, you have a worse chance of escaping that poverty growing up in Charlotte than any other sizable city in America)
  • Leading On Opportunity -- The Charlotte Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force Report and what it all means
  • How you can create change in Charlotte

View pictures of the Conversation of Consequence with Laura Clark.

Toussaint Romain
Selected as a 2016 Charlottean of the Year, Toussaint Romain has a familiar face to those who watched news coverage of Charlotte protests. Romain kicked off our Conversations of Consequence in January with a conversation about need for leadership and what that means for each individual; courage to do what is necessary; and race and why it’s a problem

View a recording of the conversation and check out photos from the day!

A Converstation with Joanne Spataro
Joanne Spataro is a copywriter and humorist whose clients are in professional services (legal, medical and data analytics), retail and pop culture. Her focus is on telling your story your way. In addition to copywriting, Joanne’s critical, refreshing perspective on social issues and pop culture can be seen in Vice, Bustle, The Establishment and The Huffington Post. She’s been a regular co-host at Charlotte Pride for three years, attracting over 125,000 people in 2016. She also appears on WCCB Edge weeknights to spin the biggest political and pop culture news of the day. In her spare time, Joanne loves eating nachos and dancing to disco music.

Joanne facilitated an interactive conversation about writing as a mean to tell our stories; organizing our feelings through the written word; and how writing can help us understand our own world.

A Conversation with Mayor Jennifer Roberts 
Jennifer Watson Roberts was raised in Charlotte and she and her husband, Manley, are raising their two children here. A star athlete, Jennifer graduated from East Mecklenburg High School and went on to graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill on a Morehead Scholarship. She was a well-known volleyball player with a mean spike at the net. She has carried that love of team sports and sportsmanship with her, sponsoring her annual Jennifer Roberts Volleyball Festival that benefits local women’s groups.

Jennifer earned two Masters Degrees in international affairs from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Toronto. Jennifer worked as a diplomat for 4 years with the US Department of State, serving in the Dominican Republic as a consular officer and as a political officer on the Mexico Desk before returning to Charlotte. During her years in Charlotte, Roberts has been Director of the Mayor’s International Cabinet, a lending officer in International Corporate Banking at First Union, and executive director of the Charlotte World Affairs Council.

Jennifer is proud of what she was able to accomplish in Charlotte as Chairman of the Mecklenburg County Commission: during the worst economic times of recent history she helped create 5,000 new jobs, balance the county budget and preserve our AAA credit rating while continuing to provide the quality of services that Charlotte families have come to expect. As Mayor of Charlotte, Jennifer continues to use her experience as a business leader and community advocate to fight every day to create good jobs, strengthen our schools and expand opportunities so that all Charlotte families can succeed.

Mayor Roberts facilitated an interactive conversation about women in politics, female change makers, key issues facing Charlotte families. 

View a recording of the conversation and check out photos from the day!

A Converstation with Sara Nason 
Sara Nason, Founder and CEO of ResistX, is a Junior at New York University pursuing an Individualized Concentration at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study in Political Engagement and Attachment Theory. She's a former Field Organizer for the Lasher for State Senate campaign, a former Executive Board member of the College Democrats at NYU, and on the Editorial Board of The Literacy Review.

Sara hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and is a Girl Scout, Hornets' Nest Council alumna! She has worked as a student activist, collaborating with education systems in Cape Town, Chicago, Charlotte, and New York -- spending time volunteering with both local non-profits and political campaigns. Her passions are in student advocacy on campus and promoting art as a means of resistance. Sara enjoys spending time outdoors and with animals and reading through her pile of books in her free time.

Sara facilitated an interactive conversation about:

• Why speaking up matters
• How to create your own group for change
• Tools we ALL have to make our voices louder

View a recording of the conversation. 

A Converstation (and munching tour in East Charlotte) with Tom Hanchett 
Dr. Tom Hanchett is a community historian in Charlotte, consulting with community groups and with Levine Museum of the New South. Previously he served as Staff Historian for 16 years at Levine Museum where he curated the permanent exhibition Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers (named best in the Southeast by the South East Museums Conference), and a string of national-award-winning temporary exhibitions including COURAGE about the Carolina roots of the Brown v Board Civil Rights case.

Tom’s writings range on urban history and Southern culture: a book about Charlotte’s neighborhoods, Sorting Out the New South City: Race, Class & Urban Development in Charlotte (UNC Press); an essay exploring the history of US shopping malls; a monthly newspaper column Food From Home; and more. Educated at Cornell University, University of Chicago, and UNC Chapel Hill, he plays fiddle.

Intersted in learning more about Tom or the international food scene in Charlotte? Check out the stories below:

Charlotteans of the Year 2015: Tom Hanchett
Tom Hanchett, Keeper of Charlotte’s Past
Meet Tom Hanchett, Charlotte’s Dr. History
History South, Food From Home

Tom facilitated an interactive conversation about food from around the globe; Charlotte’s international food scene; and how food can bring people together.

Check out photos from the day!

A Conversation with Kwain Bryant
Kwain Bryant brings over 15 years of experience in a variety of topics related to empowering youth to reach their full potential. His approach to working with young people is underscored by a belief in the value that every individual and family can take an active role in shaping their lives and creating their desired future.

In his current role, Kwain leads the Career Leadership Academy for Youth (CLAY) program for students who are enrolled in high school. The CLAY program offers students academic support and coaching, leadership development, and career exploration.

Kwain also holds several leadership positions with community organizations, including service as a board member of KIPP Charlotte Preparatory School, advisory board member of the Male Involvement Program sponsored by the Mecklenburg County Health Department, and active member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity alumni chapter.

Before joining Goodwill, Kwain held a broad range of leadership, training and consulting roles, including working with Teen Health Connection as a Community Health Educator and running his own business Empowerment Exchange.

Kwain will facilitate an interactive conversation about:

  • Finding your purpose
  • Being persistent and overcoming failure to achieve success
  • Using empowerment to gain knowledge, abilities, and skills to make a difference in your life and the life of others

Miss this conversation? View our Facebook Live to learn more. 

A Conversation with Kimberly Mohns Roberts
Kimberly Mohns Roberts’ works are focused on building children’s self-esteem and self-worth. A native of the Garden State, Kimberly grew up with her parents and three siblings. As a teenager, Kimberly struggled with various bouts of depression and anxiety, which eventually led to an attempt at taking her own life. Through a combination of self-determination and family support, Kimberly slowly overcame her emotional difficulties and went on to a successful business career.

​After several years of corporate life, Kimberly knew she wanted more out of her life. She often reflected on her personal experiences and believed a life spent making public her triumph over anxiety and depression would have the most positive impact on the next generation. Her book, Just Perfect, seeks to help young girls establish a positive view of themselves in a world that continually highlights flaws. Through both her literary works and public advocacy, Kimberly seeks to empower the younger generation so fewer kids have the same experience she did.

See more about Kimberly here:

    - Author Promotes Positive Self Image
    - Kimberly Mohns Roberts is Just Perfect
    - This Ballerina and Her Mother Have a Life Lesson to Share

Kimberly facilitated an interactive conversation about:

  • How to talk about suicide and help others (September is National Suicide Prevention Month)
  • How to drown out negativity and love yourself just the way you are (because you are perfect)
  • Using your personal experiences and passions to get more out of life

Check out the live recording!


A Conversation with Tonya Jameson
Tonya Jameson. Storyteller. Outdoor enthusiast. Teacher. Student. Multi-media journalist. Backpacker. Motorcyclist. Traveler. National Park Adventurer. Girl Scout Alumna!!

And most recently, at the center of an investigation after being held at gun point by a police officer in Knoxville, TN while trying to change the license plate on a used car she purchased.

You can read more about her encounter via the stories below:

Tonya will facilitate an interactive conversation about:

  • Surviving an encounter with the police
  • What you can do to help create change

Check out the live recording!

Girl Rising
Educating girls can change the world. Learn how you can make a difference as Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council and the Kappa Deltas at Queens University of Charlotte and the University of North Carolina - Charlotte present Girl Rising. Around the world, millions of girls face barriers to education that boys do not. And yet, when you educate a girl, you can break cycles of poverty in one generation. Girl Rising is a groundbreaking film that has already been seen by millions. It's also a movement for girls' education that we are proud to support. Girl Rising is supporting thousands of events around the world. Your attendance will send a message: Investing in girls is not just right, it's smart. Educate girls. Change the world. 

Join us after the film for a Conversation of Consequence to talk about education of girls locally and around the world.  The conversation will be moderated by Frenchie Brown from Bank of America and panelists include Ann Clark, Loretta Evivie, and Tosha Arriola.

Report Your Take Action Project

Have you attended 3 or more Conversations of Consequence?

You’re ready to take action and earn the peace patch!

We hope you learned something about yourself and your community at the Conversations you attended. Now it's time to put this new knowledge and understanding to work and make our world a better place! Your challenge is to design and implement a take action project based on the Conversation that inspired you the most. Once your project is complete, please submit the report form to log your work and earn the peace patch, completing your Conversations of Consequence patch collection.

While the patch is a 4-part collection, please know you can attend as many Conversations of Consequence as you’d like! We hope you won’t stop at just 3 Conversations and a Take Action project. We want this initiative to be ongoing and hope to see you at many more Conversations!