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Stop Motion Animation Workshop (Dec)

Thu Dec 16, 6:00 PM - Fri Dec 17, 7:30 PM EST
STEM, Creative Arts
Seniors, Juniors, Cadettes

Mindful Connections is excited to bring an animation movie making workshop. Girls will explore filmmaking and storytelling in a fun and interactive way. After learning the basics, girls will apply their new knowledge to create a short stop motion film then present their film to their fellow Girl Scouts and parents/caregivers!
Please note: this is a 2-day session, and each session runs from 6-7:30pm. Girls should plan to attend both sessions. Registration & fee cover both days.
Materials needed:

Tri Fold poster board
Construction paper multicolor
Crayons/Color pencils
iPad/tablet tripod/stand (recommended, not required)
Stop Motion Studio Pro application (downloaded from your app store)
Arts and craft materials (example: pipe cleaners, googly eyes, feathers... whatever you have on hand)