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(Grades 11-12)

As an Ambassador in the 11th or 12th grade, you will probably be wrapping up your Gold Award project while completing Girl Scout Guide Books that accompany your Girl Scouting goals. You’ll connect with new friends and perfect life skills as you apply your Girl Scouting experiences to your next challenges. Learn more about upcoming events and programs for Girl Scout Ambassadors.

As Ambassadors, Girl Scouts:

  • Help other girls learn about and express their talents and skills while setting realistic goals
  • Work with women in different fields, exploring the choices open to them
  • Encourage diversity and pluralism, as well as respect for differing faiths, cultural identities and beliefs
  • Contribute to society through a commitment to service
  • Assume leadership roles by being leaders and counselors-in-training
  • Travel to regional, national and international destinations




For Ambassadors, Journeys are the first steps toward applying Girl Scouting experience and traditions to real life – and passing those skills along to the next girls!

  • Your Voice, Your World – The Power Of Advocacy helps you commit to a life of meaningful action. You’ll learn how to join your voice with others to overcome indifference and make the world a better place!
  • Justice is about doing the right thing, of course. But it’s so much more. Justice is about discernment and inspiring people and securing a better life for earth and all the people in it.
  • Bliss: Live It means it’s time to dream big dreams – and act on them. It’s time to build your legacy and help others find their dreams, too!


Uniforms and Badges

As a Girl Scout Ambassador, you’ll proudly display your troop number, awards and patches on your traditional tan vest or sash. The Girl’s Guide To Girl Scouting comes with a detailed diagram showing where to place badges on vests or sashes.


Click here to build your own Girl Scouts Leadership Experience!



The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award for excellence and leadership for girls everywhere. Going for the Gold epitomizes putting your entire Girl Scout experience in one project that you’ll always be remembered for!


Travel & Destinations

While most Girl Scout Ambassadors have had the opportunity to travel and explore through a variety of destination options, the journey can continue through international travel and new program opportunities.

From camping to international travel, Ambassadors broaden their horizons and diversify their experiences.