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(Grades 4-5)

Girl Scout Juniors are about growing in confidence and courage. They’re about branching out and doing more –as individuals and together. As Juniors in the fourth or fifth grade, they’re committed to earning awards and sharing in outdoor adventures that help build character!

Join Juniors as they take off on Journeys that combine fun and meaning in experiences that include sports, outdoor fun, drama, arts and more. They’ll be challenged as individuals and as part of a team. Learn more about upcoming events and programs for your Girl Scout Junior.




Juniors advance through three Journeys, earning awards and sharing exciting and powerful growing experiences. It’s an exciting time of change and discovery!

  • Agent Of Change is about discovering the power inside! It’s about finding how that power can spread and multiply when individuals form teams.  It is also about linking the power in a community to make change for the better!
  • Get Moving gets energy going! Ramp up by investigating, energizing or setting free an inner innovator.
  • aMuse helps girls find their voice in their actions! Girls will learn to reach out, speak out and try new things as they explore their roles in this world!


Uniforms and Badges

Girl Scout Juniors proudly display their troop number, awards and badges on their traditional green vests or sashes. The Girl’s Guide To Girl Scouting comes with a detailed diagram showing where to place badges on vests or sashes.


Click here to build your own Girl Scouts Leadership Experience!



Girl Scout Juniors are eligible for the Bronze Award, the highest honor a Junior can achieve. This award combines a leadership adventure with the values of teamwork.

Juniors have many opportunities to win awards and badges during their journeys together:

The Junior Awards Log shows every award for each Journey. Legacy Awards can also be earned for special interests and achievements as well as Financial Literacy and Cookie Business badges.

The aMuse Journey offers girls the opportunity to earn 3 Leadership Awards, each of which builds foundational skills needed for moving up the ladder of leadership.

The Agent Of Change Journey provides opportunities to win Awards Along The Journey, building from the Power of One to the Power of Team to the Power of Community.


Projects & Trips

Girl Scout Juniors are involved in Take Action projects and Community Service projects.

  • Community Service projects are always done in a spirit of pitching in to help out with a problem in our community “right now.” They come from the heart.
  • Take Action projects are about helping girls understand the root causes of a problem, investigating possible solutions, networking with experts, and putting a plan in motion. A Take Action project is necessary to complete a Journey.

The Take Action Project Checklist helps girls and group leaders take the necessary steps towards assuring high quality action!