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We are so thankful you are leading your troop through the Cookie Program- the cornerstone of the Girl Scout experience with over 100 years of success! Before the sale begins, there are a few steps you'll have to take:

Cookie Calendar 2021-22



October 23

Cookie Service Unit Training

November 1

Troop Cookie Training Available in gsLearn

December 15

Digital Cookie Opens,
Order Taking Starts

January 8

Cookie Rally

January 15

Troops Begin Registernig for Booths

January 19

My Sales Troop Booth Requests Begin,
Girl Initial Order & Troop Starting Orders Due

February 5 or 6

Starting Order Cookie pick-up by troops

February 10

Cupboards Open

February 11

Council & Service Unit Booth Sales Begin

February 18-20

National Cookie Weekend,
Shipped Troop Link Launch

February 22

First ACH Draft Money Due

March 6-12

Girl Scout Week

March 13

Girl Scout Sunday,
Digital Cookie Ends,
All Cupboards Close

March 15

All money due for final ACH draw must be deposited in troop account; troop rewards due

April 15

Unpaid Funds Report Deadline

April - May

Rewards Ship to Service Unit Managers

* Dates subject to change

2022 Service Unit Cookie Managers
Service Unit Cookie Manager Name Email Address
Cabarrus 2 Kelley Cunningham
Meck 1 June Freeman
Meck 4 Sharri Duell
Meck 7 Shelley Metzgar
Meck 8 Elizabeth Grymes
Meck 12 Mary Braun
Meck 13 Stephanie Weaver
Meck 19 Elyse Callaway
Montgomery Karen Bowles
Pacesetters LaTonya Fields
Rowan Destinee Bailey
Stanly Contina Salyer
Trailblazers Pam Rion
Union 1 Paula Riley
Union 2 - Packets Tracey McDaniel
Union 2 - Rewards Jennifer Gunn
Union 3 Kim Wargacki
York 1 Caroline Andrychowski
York 2 Christine Stikeleather

All troops must complete our online training. Upon completion of training and quiz, a notification will automatically be sent to the designated Service Unit Cookie Managers in order for troops to receive their Cookie Program materials.

Events & Promotions

Cookie Rally - January 8, 2022
Experience Cookie Rally like you never have before! More details coming soon.

Cookie Techie Contest - February 1 through 28, 2022
More details coming soon.

National Cookie Weekend - February 18-20, 2022
Girl Scouts nationwide will participate in National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 2022, celebrating the impactful entrepreneurial program that has sparked the success of millions of women. The Girl Scout Cookie Program®, the largest annual investment in girls in the United States, powers amazing experiences for girls as they learn invaluable entrepreneurial skills and make the world a better place.

Cookie House Party
A Cookie House Party is a sweet strategy that encourages girls to invite their best customers to a cookie-themed gathering to have fun, enjoy snacks.. and buy cookies by the case! Girls share thier BIG goals, and customers make BIG purchases. Cookies are in the house! From invitations to yummy recipes, Little Brownie makes it easy!

  • The complete Cookie House Party Hostess Guide provides step-by-step guidance and lots of fun resources. Find more at
  • A fun promotional video with lots of ideas in action will inspire you and the girls alike. What marketing ideas can your girls brainstorm?
  • So there are 12 boxes in a case, 12 months in a year. Little Brownie has created a year's worth of recipes girls can give away to customers who buy a whole case.
Tips and Resources

Troop Resources:

LBB Resources

  • Built By Me Cookie Meeting Planner
    • An online tool to help plan a custom cookie season.
  • Volunteer Blog
    • Check out the volunteer blog for exciting girl activities and booth ideas.
  • eBudde App
    • The eBudde app enables volunteers to place initial orders and much more from their mobile devices. Video training and eBudde help are built right in. Check out the eBudde Help Center for more information. With the Booth Sale Recorder - now part of the eBudde app - volunteers can enter the number of cookie packages sold at the cookie booth, select which girls will receive credit and send the information directly to their eBudde accounts.
  • Booth Scheduler
    • Volunteers, please keep the Booth Scheduler in eBudde up-to-date so customers can find you with the Cookie Finder mobile app.

Resources for Leading Girl/Parent Meeting:


Girl & Troop Rewards

Girl Rewards

  • Use the back of the girl order card to set rewards goals with your girls. All rewards are cumulative.
  • Older girl troops that opt out of rewards will get an additional $.05 per package instead of rewards/patches. This option must be selected before submitting your initial order.
  • Initial order reward will be given out with the initial cookie orders.
  • Rewards will be available for troops to pickup from their Service Unit Cookie Managers in April and May.
  • Any rewards not picked up from the Service Unit Cookie Manager will be held at GSHNC.
  • Any discrepancies must be reported to GSHNC by June 30, 2022
  • All top level rewards will be distributed by GSHNC. Exact items may vary. Check out our Top Rewards Flyer here.

Troop Starting Order Reward

  • Any troop that submits a starting cookie order that is equal to 80% of 250 packages per registered girl in their troop will receive a Samoas Adventure Please rain poncho per registered girl and 2 hoodie sweatshirts for adults. Rewards will be distributed to the troop during the starting order cookie pick-up.

Troop Per Girl Average (PGA) Reward

  • Troops that achieve a 300 PGA (per girl average) will receive a Samoas Adventure Please hoodie sweatshirt for each selling girl.

Troop Proceeds & Service Unit Bonus

  • Troops earn $.75 per package of all cookies (Cookies for a Cause, Adventurefuls, Lemon-Ups, Trefoils, Do-si-dos, Tagalongs, Samoas, Thin Mints, S’mores and Toffee-Tastics.
  • Troops can earn an additional $.05 per package by achieving a 250 PGA (Per Girl Average).
  • Troops can earn an additional $.10 per package by achieving a 500 PGA (Per Girl Average).
  • If troops “Opt Out of Rewards” they can earn an additional $.05 per package.
  • Only Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops may “opt out of Rewards.”
    • It must be selected on the “Settings” tab of eBudde prior to submitting your initial order.
    • Troops will not receive any rewards, including patches.
  • Service Unit Bonus of 1/2 cent on every package sold will be achieved when the Service Unit’s goal % participation is met and Service Unit has exceeded packages sold from last year. 
Cookies for a Cause

Committed to giving back to our community, Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council’s Cookies for a Cause program supports our military, hometown heroes, frontline workers, and local cause champions.

Important Reminders:

  • Encourage girls to ask EVERY customer if they would like to donate cookies for our heroes (hometown or abroad) or cause champions.
  • Remember to enter the orders into the “Donated Boxes of Cookies” column on the order form.
  • Gets get full credit towards rewards accepting $5 donations for Cookies for a Cause packages.
  • Troops/girls will collect and turn in all donated funds for Cookies for a Cookies packages, but will NOT receive or manage the cookie inventory (donated cookies do not come from troop cookies). 
  • After the sale ends, GSHNC will contact troops interested in assisting with Cookies for a Cause distribution based on troops that nominated their favorite charities.
  • Girls receive a Cookies for a Cause patch for selling 20 packages, a Koala Bracelet for 50 packages, and an eco koala hip pouch for 100 packages for the Cookies for a Cause program. 
  • For every $5 donation, one package of cookies goes to our heroes at home and abroad. GSHNC will handle the details of cookie distribution. 
Digital Cookie - Getting Started

Through Digital Cookie, girls create customized websites and send emails to people they know, asking them to buy cookies. Customers place online orders and have the option for the cookies to be shipped directly to their homes, request for the Girl Scout to deliver the cookies or donate the cookies to our Cookies for a Cause program. Digital Cookie orders appear automatically in eBudde. Learn more about Digital Cookie on our Digital Cookie webpage

How to register - For girls to register on the Digital Cookie site, watch for the email, “Ready. Set. Register for Digital Cookie” and follow instructions to register. If they did not receive the registration email, follow these instructions on next steps. Forgot password? Click here!

Remember to visit the site regularly to ensure girls/parents are using the site, approving orders in a timely fashion and your troop has the needed inventory for any girl delivery orders.

Digital Cookie Troop Dashboard &  Troop Link Instructions - PDF
Digital Cookie Troop Dashboard & Troop Link Instructions - Video