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Thank you for yet another fantastic year of cookies! Celebrate with your girls and congratulate them on accomplishing their goals. Below are a few things to help you close out your cookie sale. 

Closing Out Your Cookie Sale
  • eBudde entries must be made by March 15 at 11:59pm.
  • Update your “Girl Order” tab.
    • Verify that all outstanding orders in Digital Cookie have been fulfilled.
    • Your girls’ rewards are based on the distribution of cookies in the “Girl Order” tab. Remember to zero out any cookies under the Troop Link girl and redistribute these cookies to your selling girls.
    • Ensure all cookies have been distributed.
    • Correct t-shirt sizes have been selected, if applicable.
    • Girl has been asked if there is an option at a reward level.
    • Update Cookies for a Cause (CFC)
      • Ensure all Cookies for a Cause donations have been entered into the CFC column on the “Girl Order” tab.
      • The Cookies for a Cause patch (selling 20 packages) will be received with troop’s final rewards.
  • Submit final rewards in the “Rewards” tab.
    • Deadline for troops to submit reward discrepancies is June 30th.
Cookie Payment

You must look at your "Sales Report" tab in eBudde for the "Amount You Owe Council." Your final payment due will account for all previous payments and Digital Cookie orders. Deposit all of your cookie money into your troop bank account by 5:00 p.m. on March 15.

The final ACH draft will occur shortly after this date. If an emergency arises and a troop does not have all of the funds available for the final draft, troop volunteers must email by March 15 at 5:00 p.m. with the following:

  • Current account balance available for withdrawal;
  • When the remaining balance is anticipated;
  • What caused shortage of funds;
  • Complete online "Unpaid Funds Report" for any unpaid cookie balance and please keep a copy for your records.

If a troop's ACH draft is returned as insufficient funds for any reason, the troop is responsible for any bank fees that occur.


Parent Unpaid Funds

If a parent owes money for their cookies, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the parent and discuss the problem.
  2. Complete the online 2022 Unpaid Funds Report.
  3. Submit the following of each form to the Product Program department:
    • Original signed “Parent Permission Form.” (link)
    • Original copies of all cookie and money receipts (keep a copy for your records).
    • Other information as needed (i.e. police report, insurance claim).

If a parent tries to submit money after you have submitted an 2022 Unpaid Funds Report, have them contact GSHNC at 704-731-6546 to make arrangements to pay.

  • All delinquent payments after the Girl Scouts Cookie Program is finished should be sent or brought to:

    Attn: Cookie Accounts Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council
    7007 Idlewild Road Charlotte, NC 28212
    All checks are made payable to “Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council” or “GSHNC.”

Council will assume this unpaid fund and the troop will not be held responsible for the payment of these cookies. Troops do not keep proceeds on unpaid funds.

  • It is important that if a troop has a parent that owes unpaid funds to submit the Unpaid Funds Report even if you think the parent will pay, so the troop is not held responsible for the unpaid funds.
  • All high-end rewards items for the person owing the unpaid funds will be held until the unpaid funds are paid in full.