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DIY Program Opportunities

To supplement and enrich the National Program Portfolio, Patch Programs are ready-to-use programs to help girls experience the world while exploring subjects that interest them.


Patch Programs


Patch Programs are designed to recognize girls’ achievements over a spectrum of interests as girls learn about topics, develop skills, and become encouraged to make a difference. Patches are a colorful, visual reminder of our progress as Girl Scouts and we wear them with pride!

These opportunities allow girls to engage in activities at their own pace and many patches are available at Hornets’ Nest Girl Scout shop, in person or online.

Healthy Living Patch Programs

America’s Tooth Fairy – All
The ToothFairy Patch Program teaches Girl Scouts about oral health, making them advocates for access to quality dental care. Girl Scouts must participate in at least one activity from three leadership categories. Learn more.  

Be Smart, Don’t Start! Bullying Awareness – All
The Be Smart, Don’t Start Bullying Awareness patch program promotes healthy relationships by teaching girls to recognize bullying and how to stop it. Learn more.

Breast Health Awareness – All
This program promotes breast health awareness as participants learn about the importance of breast health through activities, service projects and more. Learn more.

Environmental Toxins – All
This program teaches girls about toxins, where they are found, and how to make a difference. Learn more.

Go Red with Girl Scouts – All
This program brings Girl Scouts and the women they love together to raise awareness of the danger of heart disease. Learn more.

Mental Health Awareness – All
The Mental Health Awareness Patch objectives are to educate Girl Scouts about the brain and its influence on thoughts, feelings and behavior. Through education we can change perceptions and reduce the stigma of mental illness. Learn more.

Teal Butterfly Challenge – All
Learn the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer, share what you’ve learned with others and take the Teal Butterfly Challenge: *Paint your nails teal *Take a picture making a butterfly symbol with your hands *Challenge others to do the same by sharing your photo via social media using #tealbutterflychallenge. Once complete, the patch can be purchased in the Hornets’ Nest Girl Scout Shop. For more information and/or to receive symptom cards, please contact

Arts & Culture Patch Programs

Coat of Many Colors – B, J, C
Using Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colors’ as a teaching tool, this program helps girls develop self-esteem and compassion for others. Learn more. This program is presented by Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians.

North Carolina North American Indians – ALL
Long before Europeans settled in NC, American Indians lived on this land. This program honors the history of North Carolina American Indians and educates Girl Scouts on modern American Indians.

Girl Leadership Patch Programs

Homelessness Awareness Program – All
In collaboration with Urban Ministry Center, this patch teaches girls about homeless neighbors while encouraging them to take action. Learn more.

Observe! - J, C, S, A
The Observe! Patch’s main goal is to develop civically engaged voices of girls and young women that lead to local and global action in the places they care about. The girls and young women will participate in a community-based patch program, learn about cities, and develop skills that will amplify their voices as they engage in place-based, creative action. .

Sister to Sister – Believe in Her – All
With this patch, girls understand the importance of philanthropy and developing compassion for others by creating piggy banks and seeing how nonprofits use fundraising to help others. Learn more.

Take a Bite Out of Hunger – All
This patch program teaches girls about hunger while encouraging them to take on activities that empower them as members of overlapping communities.  Learn more.

World Environment Day - All
This patch program lets girls highlight and discuss the importance of environmental awareness and action. GGSHNC girls who complete requirements from JUne 1 through August 31, 2020 will receive the patch for free. Learn more.

Camp & Outdoor Adventure Patch Programs

Home Grown in North Carolina – All
Girls learn about locally grown, NC products by gaining awareness of how the North Carolina Department of Agriculture works, including the county and state fair system. Learn more. This program is presented by Girl Scouts of North Carolina Coastal Pines.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Patch Programs

Inside Engineering – All
Designed to educate young women on engineering, this program encourages girls’ participation in STEM. This link shows 14 videos that in total last 30 minutes. Once you watch the videos and complete at least one hands-on Engineering related activity, you can purchase the patch in the Girl Scout shop.

Connecting With Our Planet: Globes in Uptown Charlotte - All
Incorporating Discovery Place Science's free outdoor exhibit, Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet, Girl Scouts will learn how small actions can add up to a large impact. GSHNC will mail a FREE Nature & Sustainable Practices patch to all GSHNC Girl Scouts who complete patch requirements through 6/30/2021. Learn more. 



Resource Center


Don’t forget to check out our Resource Center for a variety of items including flags and candle holders to make your ceremonies special and cookie costumes to make booth sales more fun.

To reserve items from the Resource Center,  please submit the Reservation Form.

Current Toteable Topics Available:

  • History Tub – All
  • Journey Book Sets – All
  • Program Aide – C
  • VIT (Volunteer in Training) – S, A

For outdoor topics available at the Dale Earnhardt Environmental Leadership Campus at Oak Springs, please see our Pricing and Information Guides for that location.